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This media library makes audio-visual material accessible that is related to the work at the MPIWG. It provides recordings from workshops and talks that were organized by the MPIWG and contains interviews given by the Institute’s research fellows about their projects.

Every effort has been made to contact the authors, editors, publishing houses etc. concerning the copyright in order to obtain their permission for online publication. Should there be any cases which have not been considered, we kindly ask to contact us.

Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte
Boltzmannstr. 22
14095 Berlin
tel. +49 (0)30 22667-0

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Programming, Concept, Realization: Hartmut Kern (MPIWG, It-Group) and

Concept, Design: Jan Kaminski.

Based on the CI of the MPIWG-homepage: Carolyn Steinbeck and Doppelpunkt.


Hartmut Kern (MPIWG)

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