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The Future Of Academic Publishing

March 11, 2014


This was a special Institute's Colloquium that considered "The Future of Academic Publishing." Short presentations by Karen Darling (Science Studies editor at the University of Chicago Press) and our own Matteo Valleriani considered the challenges facing the traditional model of academic publishing, including economy, marketing, and open access concerns. The presentations were followed by a roundtable discussion featuring Lorraine Daston, Jürgen Renn, Dagmar Schäfer, and Urs Schoepflin.


Karen Darling (Senior Editor, University of Chicago Press),
Matteo Valleriani (Research Group Leader, Department I, MPIWG),
Jürgen Renn (Director, Department I, MPIWG),
Lorraine Daston (Director, Department II, MPIWG), Dagmar Schäfer (Director, Department III, MPIWG),
Urs Schoepflin (Head of Library, MPIWG)

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