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Dieter Brill J.A. Wheeler - Geons

  • June 30, 2011

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00:00 - Dieter Brill: Wheeler (Geons, 1955), beginnig with an anecdote of Wheeler giving a talk in German

04:30 - Geons, Wheeler's Shuffleboard and Wheeler's first moral principle

12:35 - Wheeler (1955), First footnotes and references, definition of geons, Tolman on the gravitational influence of two light rays on one another, upper limit of geon size and cosmological implications

27:05 - Lower limit of geon size and quantum theory, instability of spherical geon

38:10 - The geon metric and wave equation

46:00 - Reality of geons, relation to elementary particles

49:15 - Einstein equations, order of magnitude considerations, photon scattering etc.

60:25 - How to create a geon

62:15 - Neutrino-containing geons

67:25 - "Charge without charge" and the multiple connectedness of the universe

70:20 - Wheeler's list of topics he might present at Chapel Hill

73:15 - Later work on geons (Wheeler, Brill, Hartle etc.) and the demise of the geon approach after recognizing that they are unstable to gravitational collapse

81:40 - Discussion. Wheeler's background in nuclear physics and the bomb informing his work on geons

83:30 - Realtion of Wheeler's approach to Einstein's and Mie's programs

86:35 - Reasons for the demise of geons

91:00 - Speculativeness of papers and refereeing

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