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Dean Rickles Pioneers of Quantum Gravity

  • July 01, 2010

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The task of writing the history of quantum gravity, like the construction of such a theory, remains incomplete. Though there have been several small projects (notably by John Stachel, Gennady Gorelik, Helge Kraghe, and Carlo Rovelli), no detailed study exists. I am currently engaged in a five year project to write this history (initially, the first forty years: 1916-1956). In this talk I would like to describe some of this work on the very earliest history, including work by Henry Flint, Arthur Eddington, Jacques Solomon, Oscar Klein, Leon Rosenfeld, and others. As I show, though most of these attempts did not make much of a mark in the research record, they nonetheless contain many elements that can be seen in present-day work on quantum gravity.


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