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The Authors of the Early Modern Commentaries on De sphaera

The Authors of the Early Modern Commentaries on De sphaera

Johannes de Sacrobosco compiled his Tractatus de sphaera during the thirteenth century in the frame of his teaching activities at the then recently founded University of Paris. The Tractatus, a qualitative introduction to geocentric cosmology, became a mandatory text all over Europe, and a tradition of commentaries was soon established and flourished until the second half of the 17th century. The original tract reappeared in the later treaties, but these were gradually enriched with further commentaries, chapters on different subjects, and a myriad of notes. The title also changed slightly so as to include the name of the original author; Sacrobosco became synonymous with his introductory textbook on cosmology.More The Authors of the Early Modern Commentaries on De sphaera

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