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06.- 08.09.2016 Internationaler Workshop zur Geschichte der Astronomie und Astrophysik in der MPG: "Opening New Windows on the Cosmos: Astrophysics and Astronomy in the History of the Max Planck Society" (MPIWG, Berlin)More

About the Media-Library

This media library hosted by the library of the Max-Planck-Institute of the History of Science makes audio-visual material accessible that is related to the work at the MPIWG. In the first place, it provides recordings from workshops and talks that were organized by the MPIWG and contains interviews given by the Institute‘s research fellows about their projects.
Content displayed on MPIWG sites for which MPIWG is holding rights can generally be re-used in compliance with the Creative Commons cc-by-sa License, provided that this license is specifically referred to or that the contents are marked accordingly.
Restricted areas are accessible via special mechanisms. Please contact Hartmut Kern if you need access for your scientific work in such cases.

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