History of Science without Structure – Talk

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Jan 9 2013Presentation

History of Science without Structure – Talk

Talk given at the MPIWG on January 9, 2013 by Lorraine Daston, conference room of the MPIWG. The talk was held at the conference “Celebrating The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” for the first time, at the University of Chicago on November 30, 2012.


MPIWG, conference room


All film clips excerpted from: Theodor Erismann and Ivo Kohler (1950). Die Umkehrbrille und das aufrechte Sehen. [wissenschaftlicher Film, 16 mm, schwarz-weiß, mit Untertiteln. Herstellung: Firma Pacher & Co, DVD Version]. Institute for Psychology, Innsbruck University.
© Credits: By courtesy of “Institut für Psychologie, Universität Innsbruck” respectively “Department of Psychology, University of Innsbruck.”

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